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Director's Corner

Robert A. MacDonald

Please send membership
renewals to:
Robert A. MacDonald
38 Louise CT
Box 1025
Rising Sun, MD 21911
(410) 378-5859

As a reminder, the Club’s 60th Anniversary Tournament will be starting very soon.  Anyone interested in playing should contact Walt Sedlmayer.

We will also be holding an email tournament if anyone is interested.  The winners of these two tournaments can choose between 1 year’s free membership and a book from the collection.

We are still looking for somebody to take over the roles of the Editor of King’s Korner as well as Tournament Secretary of the Email/server tournaments.

Please remember to send in your game scores regardless of where or when the game was played.
Attention tournament secretaries :  Please remember to send me a copy of any new pairings. 

ASPCC Income Statement
For the year ended Dec. 31 2016
Renewals $410.00
New Members         $ 40.00
Donations                $ 65.00
Total Income           $515.00
Printing                    $  98.90
Postage                   $212.08
Supplies                   $536.18
Miscellaneous          $ 24.00
Total  expenses       $871.16
Net income         -$356.16
Cash on hand     $2,154.83





 Roll of Champions!

Ted Houser–2006 Hawver Cup Champion

Beamon Hill-2004 Club Champion

Riley Lane – General Fuller Memorial Champion

John Smiley2007 Wild and Crazy Champion

Donald R. Cotten– 2003 Senior Champion

Caesar Lawrence – 2006 E-Mail Champion

Riley Lane – 2005 English Royale Champion

Daniel R. Modes – 2005 Amateur Cup Champion

Kristo S. Miettinen– 2008 Armed Forces Champion

Shane Currah–2007 Below “CChampion

Steve Ledford and Donald Cotten–Champions
50th Anniversary Tournament

Gerald Thomas-2009 Server Champion


ASPCC Executive Committee

      Walter Sedlmayer, Chairman
      Steven O Ledford Sr
      David R Terry
      Robert MacDonald
      Robert F Barry
      Kristo S Miettinen
      Donald R Cotten
      Stanley Evans
      Riley Lane