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Walter Sedlayer, TS

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Recent Memorial Champions
R. Lane-General Lawrence Fuller Memorial
Charles C. Ball-Thomas Royal Memorial


The William "Bill" F. Gray Tournament

This tournament is to honor William F. Gray. He was our Secretary for The Hawver cup from July 1995 until July 2004. He served our club faithfully in whatever task he was assigned.

11MEMF(William F. Gray Memorial) underway with Haskel Sikes, Z. L. King, Daniel Schoolcraft, Gerald Thomas, Dennis Kohler, Michael Marshall, Walter Sedlmayer, Maurice Carter, Walter Stephan, John Walker, Lawrence Anderson,  Michael O'Keefe, John Telker and Stephen Paine.

13MEM(Claude F. Bloodgood III Memorial Tournament) scheduled to start November 1, 2012. Accepting entries from now until October 15, 2012. Claude was instrumental in founding ASPCC and was Director from January 1, 1959 until March 1, 1960. He was born Klaus Frizzell Bluttgutt III in La Paz, Mexico on July 14, 1924 and died of lung cancer in a Virginia prison on August 4, 2001. He wrote three published chess books, including "The Tactical Grob".

10MEMF(Charles C. Ball)=Haskel Sikes 1, Arthur Williams; Haskel Sikes 1, Arthur Williams 0*; Walter Stephan 2, Arthur Williams 0*; Kerry Plonas 2, Arthur Williams 0*; Alexander Mathiopoulos 2, Arthur Williams 0*.
*=Do not rate. Send me the game scores for adjudication if rating desired.

06MEMF(Art Chick)=Joseph Fadigan 1, Riley Lane 0.
07MEMF(John PenQuite)= Haskel Sikes 1, Z. L. King 0.